Brian, Alice, Ethan, Homer


In Twilight, Bella continues to get herself in trouble just so she can hear Edwards voice and deep down she likes the fact that Edwards goes against her actions. When Bella is going to Seattle Edward doesn't wan her to go alone because he knows that there is danger out there. He suggest that they go to Seattle together so that he can keep an out for here but Bella out first doesn't like the idea but then she realizes that she will get to spend more time with him and learn more about his past. Another example in Twilight is the fact that Bella's parent were got a divorce and because of this she continues to want Edward by her side. She keeps asking him if he will be at school or if she will see him again soon and the reason for this is because when her parents got a divorce it put a scare in her mentally because she doesn't want to end up like her mom who was alone before she meet the football player.


In Hamlet, Hamlet hesitates to kill the king because he is fearful of what will happen in the long run. Hamlet has has multiple chances to kill the king but he can't seem to do it. When Claudius killed Hamlets father the only people who know about it is Hamlet and his dead father. Hamlet can't get revenge right away because if he did kill the king then people would believe that Hamlet is a murderer because no one else knows that Claudius killed his father. Hamlet has to find a away for the people to find out that he killed the king so that when he does kill Claudius it will be justified.


In Anderson's past he became very upset with how the media tried to control the way teenagers look and how they should act. "Even as a teenager, I was irate and I think a lot of teens are mad about this, mad about the way that the whole media and the advertising world try to demand that kids be a certain kind of thing"(Adolescent Literature). In Feed, we continue to hear about how Titus's brain is being filled with advertisement and that it is so bad that he can hardly walk in a straight line. This is very similar to Anderson's life because he felt, at the time, that advertisement for teenagers were just too much at once. Many of those advertisements would try to persuade teenagers into becoming things that they aren't and that's why Anderson opposed the idea of advertisement. Many of the advertisements would say if you buy this then all of your problems would go away but Anderson knew that this was a lie because buying things won't solve the problems.

End Thoughts

Psychoanalytic is the critical style build on Freud;s theories of psychology. Freud believed that humans are motivated and driven by their unconscious desires, need, and conflicts of which they may not be aware of. All three of these books show psychoanalytic traits in their own way because each book has characters that have different problems but they all have similar unconscious needs.