Animal Biotechnology

Arjo Routh and Devin Porras

What is Animal Biotechnology?

Animal Biotechnology is a branch of biotechnology that provides new tools and techniques to genetically engineer or modify the genome of animals to benefit human society. Careers that use animal biotechnology include Agricultural and food science technician, Animal technician, and Genomics technician.

Why is Animal Biotechnology useful?

Animal Biotechnology helps us make products to improve animals lives and develop genetically engineered microorganisms for agricultural uses and other uses that are important to the life of animals and their genome.

Genetically Modified Pigs

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How does biotechnology impact society?

Biotechnology has helped to improve the quality of peoples lives for a very long time. The range of biotechnologies has rapidly increased after the discovery of DNA. The discovery of DNA and the advances of biotechnology has led to advancements in forensics, agriculture, and medicine


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