South China Tiger

save these innocent animals

Why they are endangered?

They are endangered because humans are hunting them as pests. Also a lot of people are ruining their homes by building on it ,and their prey could be killed with the process of building.
Numbers are so low that they have not been seen in the last 25 years so they are functionally extinct.

Habitat Description

-The South China Tiger lives in China.
-The habitat is an oak and poplar forest.
-The woods are alternating with low, thick vegetation, and it is a moist forest.

what they look like


-They are great swimmers and have been known to kill prey while swimming.
-They use their body weight to knock prey to the ground, and kill by a bite on the neck.
-They are nocturnal and are ambush predators that rely on the camouflage their stripes provide.

How you can help!

-Tell congress to protect tiger habitats
-And to donate money to WWF

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Save Chinas Tigers