Farming Practices in Africa

By Nick Gover

Impacts on Land

The constant farming or monoculture of the one crop had caused the soil to loosen and allows desertification to occur, expanding the desert and decreasing the amount of fertile land left to farm.

Impacts on Water

The people here rely on the rivers and lakes to supply their water, and when they are being polluted by pesticides and other forms of runoff from farms, the portion of the water is rendered unusable for drinking.


The impact of these farming practices is both expanding the desert, leaving less fertile land for farming and also polluting one of the largest rivers in the world, which supplies the sahara with a large amount of pesticides. In the future, the continent could be covered significantly more with desert, and could also create issues with water-born illnesses to the people relying on the river.


Level 1: What is causing the desertification in subsaharan africa?

Level2: What could be the long-term effects on the nile river if water pollution continues?