October 14, 2016

1st Quarter, Almost Over

We have almost finished the first lap of the mile. Your grades should be nearly completed for the quarter. Remember that we have discussed that 10 Daily and 3 Test grades are the mandatory minimum.

Please review this next week as we get ready to do report cards.

Also remember that we do not wait to put in grades. In the modern world, grading is transparent and everyone needs to be as current as possible.

I remember teachers that didn't put in grades until the last 6 weeks, but we do not need to make that a practice today.

Upcoming Dates......

Pink-Out Week - Remember that we cram our Pink Out Week into one afternoon to avoid instructional loss everyday. Next Thursday you will need to be flexible and when it's time for the carnival - all hands on deck outside. Thanks.

October 17: V-ball @ home vs. Community

October 20: Pink-Out Carnival 1:00-3:00 followed by Pep Rally

October 21: End of Quarter, Citizenship Tailgate, Crazy Hair/Socks

Talor Mali -- What Teachers Make -- Totally Clean for class