Pairing the Bluetooth Keyboard

Setting up the iPad Case

Setting Up iPad Case and Pairing the Keyboard

Pairing the Bluetooth Keyboard

  1. Snap the iPad into the case and make case is in position as mentioned in video tutorial.
  2. Charge the bluetooth keyboard using the charging wire provided (ensure it has been charged for at least 4 hours)
  3. On the iPad go to Settings --> Bluetooth --> Button should be on (green)
  4. On the Keyboard hold down keys Fn + Pair at the same time
  5. Once the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard appears in Bluetooth settings, select it
  6. You should see "Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Connected" when complete and ready
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Common Issues

  • Once keyboard no longer has battery, it will need to be reconnected by following steps above. (Charging cable can be checked out from an ITF or librarian).
  • If reconnection did not work, go to Settings > Bluetooth > under My Devices and Belkin Ultimate Keyboard tap the "i" > Forget this Device. Attempt to reconnect by following steps 4 -6 above.
  • If all fails, please submit a Technology Work Order.