JMS Harvest Luncheon

You Are Invited

Wednesday, September 30th, James Morris School will hold its annual Harvest Luncheon. Please join us to celebrate as a community the efforts of our students, parents, staff and local residents, who since early spring, have worked to prepare, plant, tend, and harvest our JMS Giving Garden. Every JMS student will participate in the preparation of the vegetables dishes, and our sixth-grade students will host and serve at the event.

  • Families of JMS students can RSVP here.
  • Community members can RSVP here.

There will be two seating times:

11:30a.m. - 12:10a.m. with students in grades K-2

12:15p.m. - 12:55p.m. with students in grades 3-6

Please call our main office if you have any questions: 860 567-7420

Thank you,

KC Chapman, Principal