Grade Four Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

Summer Term - Week 4 Mon 25th Apr - Fri 29th Apr 2016

Language Arts

In writing this week, the students have been revising and finishing their Fantasy Quest pieces to ensure they are engaging and interesting. They have used well crafted transitions to support the pace and flow of the writing. The students have also edited and revised their writing to ensure it includes correct subject and verb agreement that ensures their sentences are more complex.

In reading, the students have been focusing on how adjectives are used in writing and the effect it creates for the reader. By looking at the ways adjectives have been used in the class reading novel, the students can develop an understanding about why it is important to use adjectives in Fantasy writing. The students have identified where adjectives have been used and compared this to what the story would be like without adjectives.

A perfect example of the how our Grade 4 students are using the knowledge, skills and understanding learned in reading, to inform and make links with their writing.


This week in Maths, the students have been learning the skill of revision in preparation for their 4 operations of decimals review.

The students were taught a process of revision by at first thinking back over what they have learned in this unit.

They were then asked to look back through their course book, activity book and workbook and identify all of the knowledge and skills learned.

By doing this, the students quickly realised that they were more aware of the areas they were confident in and perhaps those areas they were not so confident in.

This process provided them with a plan which they were then challenged to follow as self-directed and teacher-directed revision.

By Thursday (review day), the students were well prepared, confident and ready to show their learning.

We will be reflecting the review in class which will be sent home next week for you to discuss and celebrate the successes of your child.

Following the review reflection on Monday, we will be starting our new unit symmetry. This is a mini-unit that will be completed by Friday.

Below are a selection of fun. interactive websites that will support the learning of symmetry;


This week in IPC, the children have been using and interpreting maps and globes in a variety of scales to locate specific information. We have looked at projections of maps as well as different types of maps and their purposes eg. physical, political, climate, road and resource maps to name a few.

In pairs, the children were allocate a destination and were tasked with locating information such as location, land elevation, annual rainfall and temperatures. Many children were eager to investigate a city from their home country. The children demonstrated confidence in their mapping skills by accessing a variety of world maps of various scales as well as regional maps. They have been able to use keys and legends in atlases to retrieve their information and have also learned how useful Google Earth can be.


Friday 6th May – Grade 4 Swim Gala (8am – 11.00am)

The atmosphere at SJI poolside this week is buzzing as the children prepare for Swim Gala week. All classes from Grade 1 – 6 are busy selecting their events and practicing their starts and finishes for their races .

SJIIES Swim Gala Rationale:

Our swim galas have a strong House drive with Gala week being one of the principle sporting House events of the year. We also plan the Gala’s to accommodate the needs of every child, differentiating the morning where appropriate to ensure that EVERY child feels involved, valued and a sense of achievement, regardless of ability, in the knowledge that they have contributed to and been an integral member of their House.

Order of the day:

8.00am Café will be open poolside

8.00am Classes register in homerooms and change

8.10am Classes make their way to swimming pool

8.20am House chant led by House HuGs and warm-up lap

8.25am Welcome Address – Mr Hannah

8.30am Introduction and Race procedures

8.40am First Event

10.40am ‘The Great Saints Boat Race’!

10.50am Final Presentation

Due to the numbers of people attending and space limitations of the pool area, we would ask spectators to stay on the café side of the pool and avoid entering the swimmer area OR the timer/marshalling area at the end of the pool. We would also kindly request that your child brings some extra disposable snacks on gala day which they can bring to the pool, (children will not be allowed to visit to EPSG café during the Gala). We appreciate your understanding and patience with this.

Following the relays, the teachers House Boats will be setting sail in the Great House Boat Race, and as always they will be looking for some willing and able parent volunteers to man the rigging and help cruise their House to victory! This will be followed by the Presentation of the House Cup.

Home Learning - Summer Term Week 5

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Home learning is moving to the VLE - please don't forget to login to

Language Arts


This week, our spelling focus is learning the spelling rules for common suffixes.


If the root word ends in -e, drop the e before adding a vowel suffix such as -ed, -ing e.g. hope - hoping.

However, keep the -e when adding a consonant suffix such as -less e.g. care - careless.

If the word ends in a -y, change the y to an i and add the suffix e.g. happy - happiness.

However, do not change the y to an i when adding the suffix ing e.g. play - playing

Words to be learnt this week; deserving, navigated, valuable, disposal, blameless, strangely, excitement, happiness, craftily, merciless

High Frequency words: average, equipment, muscle, stomach, awkward


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.


Mathematics: Symmetry

Mon - No maths home learning, extra time for IPC landform project

Tue - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 2 - Pages 15-18

Wed - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 2 - Pages 19-20 (pages 21-24 needed)

Thu - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 2 - Pages 25-28

Maths Builder Group - Pages 59-67

Click on the links below to access a selection of fun. interactive websites that will support the learning of symmetry;



Have you ever wanted to know why the Mississippi curves, or why the Grand Canyon developed?

Maybe you want to know why the Himalayas grew so large or why the cliffs of Dover are so tall?

Now is the time for you to find out!

There are many different interesting landforms on the Earth.

Your job over the next two weeks is to research a particular landform and produce a report.

Further details about this task can be found on the VLE and in the purple IPC home learning book.

Submission date: Friday 6th May

Virtue of the Week


Being assertive means being positive and confident.

It begins by being aware that you are a worthy person with your own special gifts.

When you are assertive you think for yourself and ask for what you need.

You have self-confidence to tell the truth about what is just.

Looking Ahead

Tue 3 May - Building Children of Character workshop 2

Thu 5 May - Ascension Day Mass

Fri 6 May - G4 Swim Gala

Tue 10 May - Building Children of Character workshop 3

Thu 12 May - Mufti Day for Jamilah

Fri 13 May - Founder's Day Mass

Fri 13 May - School closes early for Founder's Day

Wed 18 May - G4-6 Sports Day

Fri 20 May - Family Picnic and Movie Night

Tue 24 - Fri 27 May - G4 Expedition to Kulim Eco Resort

Grade 4 Expedition 2016

Just a friendly reminder that payment for the Grade 4 Expedition is due on: Friday 6th May

Please ensure payment is enclosed in a marked envelope with your child's name and class. All cheques to be made payable to: SJI International Elementary School Ltd

Payment can be directed to the ES school office.

Medication due on Friday 20th May - Please send medication in a marked plastic bag together with the completed medication form. This can be dropped of at the ES Reception desk.


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