Special Effects Makeup

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Douglas Education Center

Douglas Education center is located on the south side of Pittsburg. It features many different programs including cosmo programs, Dorian's fantasy art progra, factory digital filmaking, allan and willson's digital illustration program and many more. To get Accepted into this scool you must of course graduate high school or have your GED, send in your transcript, and then set up an interview and tour the school. once you do all of this then you have begun your prosess of becoming a special effects makeup artist.

Special Effects makeup Artist

This job has long days but its well worth it. You could spend hours upon hours just to create a creature that looks dead or alien like. Your imagination runs wild. They spend most of their tim euseing cosmetics and appliances to create th eappearance of bruises, cuts, blood, old age, deformations, mutations and much more. Not only do they use makeup to creat these there is also animatronics involved to. The average salery is $18.76 an hour, the top 10% would make $30.76 and hour, the low 10% would only make $7.72 and hour, and the middle 50% would make $12.63.


what is all involved?

working with makeup to create another creature or to make someone look like another person or look older or look hurt.

what is the job outlook and salary?

Average salary is $18.76 an hour.

what does a day in the life of the career look like?

there are very long days working to acheive the goal of creating something that is unhuman or another person for a movie or t.v show.

what are the requirements to get into the school?

  • high school diploma or GED
  • Transcript
  • set up an interview
what activities and programs are offered at this school?

  • Cosmo programs
  • Dorian's fantasy art program
  • Factory digital filmaking
  • Allan and willson's digital illustration program
  • many more
Where is this school located?

Just south of Pittsburg

Schools Motto?

You always knew you were different. And you’re finally listening to the little voice inside of you – the voice of creative reason. Now let us help you hone your skills as we teach you how to bring your drawings to life and nightmares to reality. This is your life. This is your dream. OWN IT.