7 Keys to Success

The Keys to Success are characteristics we follow every day.


We want to show respect to everyone around us -both adults and students.


Self-Discipline means being in control of your actions and taking ownership over what you say and do.


Being honest means to always tell the truth. It is important to be honest, even when you have to admit if you did something wrong.


A responsible student is in charge of their learning in class, always tries their best, turns in work on time, and completes their homework each week.


Compassion is all about treating others the way you want to be treated. We only want to do and say things that lift other people up.


We can show perseverance by always trying and never giving up! Even if something is hard or taking a long time, we want to keep working and trying.


Giving is important because we always want to share with those around us and help each other out.