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March 2021

Its Spring!

Its official, spring is here! At least according to the calendar...but you can't argue with the recent weather! March is when the agricultural year really starts to pick up speed in Niagara County. You might not see the results of all the bustle until May or June, but now is the time for our local farmers to prep for the growing season. During a recent F2S Advisory Committee Meeting, Advisory Committee Member Luanna Human Diemert from Human Farms shared with us that the seeds are sprouting in the greenhouses...I don't know about you but that is a pretty lovely thought when all is still a bit sad and grey outside.

Traditionally, this time of year was a pretty lean one for our ancestors who didn't have access to foods from all over the world and that were out of season locally, like we do today. Once the calves and lambs were born in the spring dairy was a large part of their diet along with whatever could be foraged from the local woods, as their stores from the previous year's harvest began to dwindle. Eating locally grown is best, so its fortunate that we can preserve the harvest in ways our ancient ancestors couldn't, such as by canning and freezing the surplus harvest. But never fear, those early greens will be out soon and ready to enjoy!

The Lockport Community Market is still indoors for now, but keep checking in to see when they will be going back to Canal Street for the season!

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March Harvest of the Month: Maple Syrup and Carrots!

This month we have reason to celebrate the lean months, and the ingenuity of the indigenous people of North America, since the lean times likely led to the discovery that tapping maple trees for their sap leads to a very delicious end result...Maple Syrup!

Yes, that's right! Our Harvest of the Month for March is maple syrup and its paired with another favorite, carrots! Let's face it, those carrots stored in the root cellar the previous September probably could have used a bit of something extra when they were served up in March!

Maple Syrup Facts:

  • Like our December Harvest of the Month, potatoes, maple syrup is native to the Americas (Eastern Canada and the United States specifically)
  • It was first made by Indigenous Americans and the technique was shared with the early non-native settlers, click here to watch the history of maple syrup
  • Almost all of the maple syrup in the world is produced in Canada and the United States, with New York State among the top three producers (along with Quebec and Vermont)!
  • You can make syrup from any maple tree, but sugar maples are the most common
  • Did you know that one of our principals produces maple syrup at home? Its true! Mr. Paul Kowalski, Principal of Emmet Belknap, makes his very own maple syrup from trees on his property each year (and its delicious!)

This March students will enjoy a nutrient rich and sticky sweet Harvest of the Month lunch item: Carrots with Maple Syrup, click here for the recipe to make it at home!

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Get to Know Your Carrots!

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