Monday Memo

Week of December 14th

Data Collection Folders/ STORI

I want to thank you for your continued follow-through in collecting data folders. As previously noted I am working to get you additional half day sessions so that you can input some additional data into STORI. However, please note that you have several hours on the January 5th Teacher Workday, perhaps you could use some of this time to input data points into STORI.

Thanks to Ms. Wendel's email, we know that the best STORI link to use to reduce technical difficulites is Try it, I have heard that it does work better than going through IEP online.

District Assessments Data for Students with Disabilities

It is posttest/final time, again. I have shared this data before, but I wanted to place it in front of you, again, to remind you of our SWD results from last year. There are 3 different links. Please feel free to share with your coteachers. With each of you in command, I have the utmost confidence that our students will perform even better this year.

DDL--Student Holiday Parties

I thank you all for getting your DDL Student Holiday responses to me so quickly. Most of you responded that you would prefer students to return to homeroom for the DDL celebrations. Therefore, we will send students back to homerooms on December 18 to celebrate with their homeroom teachers.