Merchant of Venice- A modern take

Raghav Kotha, Pierce GT English 2, 2nd Period

Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is the critically acclaimed movie directed by Christopher Nolan. Who has received rave reviews from the like of IMDB , Rotten Tomatoes, NYT,etc. This play was originally written by William Shakespeare.

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"Money is the root to the evilest of ways"

Starring Liam Neeson(Shylock), Christian Bale(Antonio), Jessica Aniston(Portia), Sandra Bullock(Nerissa), Ben Affleck(Bassanio), Benedict Cumberbatch(Lorenzo), Kevin Hart(Gratiano), and Scarlett Johannson(Jessica).

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This song will be played when Jessica declares that she will be leaving.

Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Squeaky Clean) BEST EDIT!

This song will be played to help describe how Shylock feels when he does not know what to do after losing the court case.

Not Afraid - Eminem (Lyrics) (Clean)
This song will be played when Antonio realizes that he is doomed, and forgets of the feeling of fear that he will die.

Eminem Feat.Lil Wayne No Love Clean With Lyrics
This song will be played when Antonio spits on Shylock, and when the Jew is thrown off the bridge in the beginning of the film.

BoB - So Good (Clean)
This song would be played when Jessica and Lorenzo are finally together, showing that their love is good and true. Also because this song focuses on a girl that is from a different part of the world, and Jessica is a different religion.
Hold On (I'm Comin)
This song could be played when Jessica is escaping so that she can go to Lorenzo.

Demons - Imagine Dragons
This song will be played when Antonio discovers that all his ships have been wrecked.

Daniel Powter - Bad Day (Official Music Video)
This song will be played when Portia meets her initial group of suitors, and realizes that none of them would be a good fit for her