Megan K. 8-113

The Game of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is both a mental and physical game. You have to notice patterns and strategies, while trying to throw your opponent off their game. While this may seem easy, girls lacrosse has tight rules restricting you from too much physical contact (safety). The game starts with a face off. For this two opponents start in the center of the field and the referee places the ball in between the back of their sticks. They push together and when the whistle is blown the ball is throw in the air. The other players on the circle (4 of them) crash in and dash for the ball. All the while, the other players run from behind the restraining line, where you must have 4 players behind at all times. Otherwise, you will be called for off sides. Lacrosse, like most sports, is a game where the winner scores the most goals. In girls lacrosse there are two halves that vary on time depending on your age. Usually, at the end of the second half the game is finished.