Islam's Five Pilars

Brian Figueroa,Eddie Farias,Rayred Corona, and Axel Diaz

No matter how old you were or where you were, you had to follow these five pilars

First pilar is the faith of one God and Muhammad is the messenger

of god.

Second pilar is to pray five times a day.

Starts at dawn, mid day, late afternoon, sunset and ..

God is great(4 times),

I testify there is no one worthy of worship except god(2),More...

Third pilar is to give money to the poor.

The poor would help them with their errands in return.

Fourth pilar is fasting(to not eat) started in the 800's.

They don't eat during day.

They eat a little at night.

July to October.

Elderly, pregnant women and children do not participate.

Fifth pilar is to pilgrimage.

Is to dress in white and pray to God in Hajj

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Shahada: Testifying in to God's One-ness/Faith in God

The declaration "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad his prophet. What this mean is to believe or prey on one god

"There is no god but God (and) Muhammad is the messenger of God."

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Swam: Fasting

This mean to not eat for a period of time.

In this case it would be from July to October.

Islam people would eat a little bit in the night and none at all in the day.

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Zakāt is to give to the poor

The poor will help them in return, but it nonmonetary ways

For example:With chore or errand

Zakāt is obligatory for all Muslims who are able to do so.

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