Human Smuggling

The Effect of Globilization


Human Smuggling is the importation of people into a country with the deliberate evasion of immigration laws.


Human Smuggling includes bringing illegal aliens into a country , as well as the unlawful transportation and harboring of aliens aready in a country illegally. Some smuggling may involve murder, rape and assault. Human smuggling is often mistaken as a forced event, nevertheless, the victims often choose to be transported across the boarder. These people are called "voluntaries", in which sometimes are fleeing from persecution , excerisizing a new life of dignity, or even job oppurtunities.Human sumuggling is generally a business, in which different parties benefit from. The main factor that causes human smuggling is inequality of oppurtunities. When individuals do not have much opputunities in life, for example jobs, so they seek it in different areas, hence, volunteering to be smuggled. The smugglers sometimes use these individuals to work in sweat shops, and sometimes for their personal benifits. The leaders of the smuggling organizations, charge people large amounts of money for their transportation. Human smuggling takes place in many ways, for example, boat or train.


In Canada, Human Smuggling has risen each year. Statistics show that about 800 immigrants are smuggled into Canada per year, and about 200 000 globally. It is estimated that smuggling generates about $3.1 billion per year.

Human Smuggling and Globalization

As Globalization is the process by which elements in soiety are becomig increasingly intergrated, it is evident that human smuggling is becoming a common trend around the world. More countries everyday are participating in illegal transportation of immigrants, including Canada. The Canadian society was not known for this concept, but is now evident that it is becoming an uprising issue. Human smuggling is usually caused by poverty. Immiigrants often flee their current country in hopes to make more income in another. Despite that fact that the victims of smuggling chose to depart, they are vey vunerable , and mostly become victims of trafficking. Once in their destination , the criminals may kidnap individuals to work in sweatshops, domestic work, agricultural labour, prostitution,sex entertainment, and other exploting labour. The victims are oftern tricked into thinking that they are protecting themselves and their exploiters. In terms of the victims, lack of literacy and education is present. The criminals use imigrants, mostly illiterate ,and uneducaton, focusing on the fact that they can be easily minipulated and are more vuerable. For example, some criminals convince their victims that smuggling into Canada is their only way of entrance. The transportation often occurs through boat, in which 100-500'people are carried. The conditions of this transportation is certainly unsanitary , in which diseases spread rapidly. This may cause the citizens in the country they land in to become contaminated, and continue the spread from their. Human smuggling is a uprising crime where more countries are participating in. This results in illegal smuggling, kidnapping, and abuse, all which are behaviours that go against the criminal code of conduct. Human smuggling is a factor of globilization spreading in our society, and world today.

Dependency and World Systems Theory

Dependency- This theory examines how underdeveloped countries depend on developed countries for means of wealth. This explains how the victims of human smuggling , agree to illegal immigration in order to pursue work in developed countries. They come from societies with little resources, industrialization, and urbanization, and decide to obtain a new life in a society with more wealth, and resources. They are often exploited by the smugglers , which come from developed countries.

World Systems- This theory illustrates how the world is separated into three systems, core-nations, semi-peripheral ,and peripheral. By examining the concept of human smuggling, it is clear that the victims of smuggling come from the peripheral countries. These societies lack resources , and look to the core-nations for support, hence , illegally immigrating there. This theory believes that there should not be segregated nations with a ruler, but one system. This shows how human smuggling occurs because of the common threads of inequality.

Effects of Human Smuggling

Thousands of people have suffocated in containers, perished in deserts or dehydrated at sea. Lives have been lost as a result of the indifferent actions of the smugglers. The countries of destinations are mainly effected because of the amount of illegal immigrants. As a result of the mass profit, and low risk of detection and punishment, human smuggling has become increasingly attractive to criminals, causing more of this crime. It is proven that third world countries participate as victims of human smuggling, while western societies act as the smugglers. The core-nation societies have more resources to offer, causing the periphery societies, to migrate.

Main Issues

Sweatshops- Once the victims are brought to their destination, they Are later taken advantage of ,explioted, and forced to work in sweatshops. The criminals are aware of the victims lack of education and need for weath, so they use this disadvantage against them.

Abuse- Victims of human smuggling are usually abused on the journey to their destination, and as they arrive. The amount of people on the travel boat sometimes results in dangerous fights, and sometimes death

Harsh Conditions- The transportation of human smuggling results in mass amounts of people in compressed areas. The weather can be extreme , in which there is no protection. Lack of food and water is also a concern while on sea.The houses the victims stay at are often uncofortable, and shared with about 20 people.

Prostitution & Rape- The female victims are often used sexually. They are taken out of their own will and forced to prostitute in order to gain profit. Smugglers usually approach female victims and rape them for no reason.

Actions in Place

Canadian government has noticed the rise in human trafficking, and are finding many ways to stop it. For example, they recently launched two programs in 2010 to battle the problem across the counrty; the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association, and Public Saftey Canada.

For other global issues, American Association for Human Smuggling has made calls to the public about the issue, as well as a 10 year penalty for those caught. The UN is currently creating programs to counter human smuggling. They are assisting states in bringing their legislation in the line with protocall, and assisting states in developing an effective criminal justice response. The UN is also seeking strategies in catching the criminals.Many other associations are making a call to action, but it is difficult due to the type of crime. One effective way to approach this concept can be creating new laws for the hot spots on sea, the parts which the government has no control of. Programs and jobs on sea can also reduce the rise of human smuggling.

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