The cats

You like cats ? Let's read and learn more about them :)

Who is actually this animal you love?

So in fact the cat, is usually one of the most spoiled animals.

The cat usually preoccupied with himself, in cleaning and sleeping, but that does not mean its owners as important. Cats really connect to their owners .

Cats terribly spoiled and lazy but sometimes you have to should to play with them, it helps to shape their health.

Types of Cats

All over the world there are more than 100 different types of cats.

Of which, cats with long fur, short fur, and even bald cats.

There are large and small cats and crowd kinds of colors.

Some types of cats ...

How do you raise a kitten?


This kitten, most need is love and warmth! Need to put the kitten in a padded box, and in doing so to keep the kitten body temperature. must not give milk to the kitten!Including any other cat!

To maintain a healthy kitten should go with him to the vet for checks and vaccines.

Cats Compilation