When Will The Heaven Begin?

Ally Breedlove with Ken Abraham

Setting: The setting takes place in many places but the main events happen in is home, at the school, and in the hospital .

Main Character: Ben Breedlove, dirty blonde hair, kind, loves giving from his heart, he plays electric guitar, he wake-boards, He gets a pacemaker put in at a young age to regulate his irregular heartbeat.

Soon Ben learns more about his heart condition and how he can suddenly die when he least expects it.

Other characters: Ally Breedlove, his older sister.

Deanne Breedlove, his mom.

Shawn Breedlove, his dad.

Jake Breedlove, his younger brother.

Grant Hamill and Grant Agatston his 2 best friends.

D-Dad, grandfather.

Corine, D-Dads wife, Ben's new grandmother.

Which Characters did I dislike or like: Honestly i liked all the characters, They all played a pretty import part in Ben's life and in the story. All they wanted Ben to have was a normal life so they tried their best to give it to him even though it was risky for his heart condition.

Beginning of the story: In the beginning of the story Deanne finds out that she's pregnant with her 2nd kid, Ben. She explains how her and Shawn met, and how when Ben was born that his smile could melt peoples heart, how outgoing he was and how sweet he was. On his first 3 month check up, the doctor was confused on how Ben's chest looked through the stethoscope. Finding out that the got diagnosed with a heart condition called HCM short for Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a serious condition that can cause sudden death.

Middle of the story: The middle of the story is when they introduce the times Ben cheated death. "Look at that bright light! do you see that, Mama?" he described the feelings of cheating death as peaceful, and he stated that the it felt as if nothing else in the world mattered. Ben dreamed of being the best athlete, even though he was the shortest one in his class. At the time throughout middle school, Justin was his best friend. They went on adventures together and even made a YouTube channel with each other.

One day in the car Ben asked his mom if he was going to die, she stopped at a light and looked Ben in the eyes saying " Ben, I truly believe that you are going to live a long and fulfilling life, if i didn't believe this, i wouldn't say it to you."

What happened at the end of the story: In the end Ben cheated death a week before Christmas day. Ben was still eager to go to Texas, even with the event that just occurred.

While they were in the middle of shooting Ben went back to the picnic table and sat down "i don't feel good" he told Ally shifting over to lay down. "Ben are you okay?" He started to slide of the bench slowly, turning purple in the face going into cardiac arrest.

He soon recovered, but they didn't stay, they went home. Ben wrote

"i find it kind of funny....

i find it kind of sad....

The dreams in which i'm dying...

are the best I've ever had..."

Ben was thinking "I wish I NEVER woke up"

Christmas day, Jake and Ben were outside, when Jake came running in screaming "Mom! Ben doesn't feel good!''

Ally knew what this meant. In the hospital they wouldn't let anyone see Ben.

"Lets give him a minute"

After 20 minutes they got his parents

"There is still no sign of a heart beat."

His parent held his cold, lifeless body in their arms, realizing, this is actually real, there's no Ben giving his reassuring warm hugs or his pep talks, there was no more Ben Breedlove, their wonderful son was gone, they were now the only 2 souls in the room.

What was the problem and how was it solved?: Ben was suffering from HCM not able to be a normal teenage boy like everyone else. God realized that it was his time and he took Ben, making him an angel with his family to watch over.

What did you learn from this story: Learned to not take life for granted because you never know when God chooses to take you.

Theme: The theme that I got from this book is to live everyday of your life at the fullest.

Do I like this story: I liked this story because it taught me a life lesson that no mater what the circumstances are i should enjoy every day of my life.

I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) - MercyMe