Good Things @ MIS

March 2015

Effective Classroom Strategies with Cool Tools

An effective strategy will be sent to you each week through April with a tech tool to try. Try it and submit a brief reflection, picture, or video clip that shows the strategy in action in your classroom and you will be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 iTunes or Amazon gift card. You can submit documentation to this Google Folder, e-mail it, or ask Marsha to video. Thanks to Tracey Waid, April Davala, and Damien Akelman at MHS for creating these strategy flyers.

You've Been Busted Mrs. Roberts

"Crossing the Line" into Canada

Mrs. Roberts's 5th Grade Math Class played a problem solving math game with a class in Canada using Skype. Find your own educational Skype experience through Skype in the Classroom.

3D Printing Comes to MIS

Alex Youngs, son of Anne Youngs demonstrated the use of the 3D printer he built to our 6th Grade students. Alex attends NC State and is finishing his masters program in Electrical Engineering. He engaged the students, while printing, with his story of the process of planning and problem solving as he built and refined the printer. He questioned students and rewarded them with 3D printed M's and Bobcat paws. Thanks to Mrs. Youngs for initiating this learning experience and to Mrs. Lindsey for manning the document camera so students could get a close-up view.
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March Madness Book Battle

Different books and series and topics are facing off in our March Madness Book Battle! Students are voting on their favorites to try to get them to the next round. The winner from the fiction bracket will compete against the winner from the informational bracket in the final championship.

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See how Mrs. White uses smore to communicate with parents.