Newfoundland and labrador

The land of the dogs

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The Newfoundland's flag was adopted in the 1980.So it was adopted 35 years ago.It is red ,white ,blue ans yellow colors on it."The flag was introduced, and was designed by Newfoundland artist Christopher Pratt."


Newfoundland has a lot of different animals like,A harp seal and a Canada lynx,Flying squirrel and a caribou.Also new found land has less animals than the mainland.The provenience has no snakes ,skunks or poison ivy.

Atlantic puffin

The Atlantic puffin has orange webbed feet ,black feathers,white belly,and black triangle on there white face.And they eat sea birds."The Atlantic Puffin is the provincial bird. About 95% of all North America's puffins breed around the Newfoundland and Labrador coasts."


There life span is about 8 to 10 years.And there temper is trainable and the dogs are calm and gentle.gentle. There colors that they come in are brown,gray,Black,and black and white.The mails are 130-150 lbs,And the females are 99-120 lbs(45-kg).The mails height is 27-29 inches(69-74 cm),And the female height is 25-27 inches (63-69 cm)

food and dining

Newfoundland and Labrador has fantastic dining and food there.And they get there food fresh from the sea.Like the dish called bounty that is a type of fish from the sea.And in Newfoundland there food life is mostly pastry's.The desserts there are called jam jams and cookies made with molasses.There foods are made with crab, lobster, and fish.

Fun facts

~if you are in the east coast in Newfoundland you care close to Ireland than you are by Saskatchewan~ ~Squirrels where first found in 1963 ~