Keith William Morton

-a mathematician

Morton was born on May 28, 1930, in Ispwich, England. His parents were Keith Harvey Morton and Muriel Violet Hubbard. Keith Harvey lived from 1902 to 1933, and Muriel Violet lived from 1899 to 1934. They were married in 1927.

His Life

He began his schooling at Hadleigh Bridge Street Primary in 1935.He spent 5 years at this school before going to Sudbery Grammar School in 1940. This was a boy's grammar school founded in 1491. In 1948 Morton Completed his secondary school (middle school) and went to the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers from 1948. After he finished the class, Morton went to Corpus Christi Collage, Oxford, where he studied more mathematics.

He got his B.A. in 1952 and began working in the Theoretical Physics Division of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell. He worked on Monte Carlo methods for nuclear criticality and composed some papers with John Michael Hammersley.

-----FUN FACTS-----

-Morton married Patricia Mary Pearson in 1952

-Studied plasma physics

-Still alive

Published the single-authored paper "A generalisation of the antithetic variate technique for evaluating integrals" in 1957

-Was awarded a Ph.D. by New York University in 1964 for his thesis "Finite Amplitude Compression Waves in a Collision-Free Plasma."