done by Samuel Kendall

These are the country bascics

The name of the country is Ireland.
And the capital is called Dublin.
And here is some info about the flag. The green color on the flag represents the native people of Ireland (most of whom are Roman Catholic). The orange color represents the British supporters of William of Orange who settled in Northern Irland in the 17th century (most of whom are Protestant).


the leaders of Ireland are: Michael D Higgins is the president and Edna Kenny is the prime minister
and the people of Ireland elect and elect at the age of 18 (the normal voting age for most country's)
and their government types are (kinda mixed together), they are republic parliamentary democracy
and people can vote at 18 years old


country location 53N, 8W, and is in western Europe in the north Atlantic Ocean west of Great britan
the popular landmark is Blarney castel
famous body of water is Galway
famous land form Giants Causeway
H.E.I. over 40% of the population lives within 100km of dublin

map of Ireland

looks good plus its an old map and everybody loves old maps


and the U.S.A. uses US dollars
the GDP in Ireland is 236.4 billion
and the money that they get from exports is 144.8 billion
and the money they spend for imports is 64.38 billion

compared to the u.s.a.'s economy

the U.S.A. uses American dollars
U.S.A's GDP is 17.35 trillion
they get 1.633 trillion on exports
they spend 2.374 trillion on imports


the Irish life expectancy is 80.68 years and the birth rate is 14.84 births/1,000 population
the literacy rate was 99% in 2003 no obvious data since then
Religions 84.7% of the population is Roman catholic
and 38.7% of the people speak Irish and almost everyone speaks English as a second language
and most of the people in Ireland like shepherds pie
and they have a holiday that we Americans don't celebrate that is St Stephen's day 12/26
and Irish guy's wear kilts

this is a kilt

this is not a dress, or a skirt, its a kilt and guys wear it yeah guys "get it got it good"

compared to the u.s.a.'s people

the life expectancy in the U.S.A. is 79.68 years and the birth rate is 12.49 births/1000 population
Religions 51.3% of the population is protestant and 23.9% is Roman catholic and 1.6% is Cristian and the rest to small to be listed or cannot be found
79.2% of people speak English


in 1169 England started to take control of Ireland, and in Dec 6 1921 Ireland gained its independence by the UK by treaty

so this is it final comparason

the U.S.A. has a much bigger GDP it may look smaller bit its listed in trillions of dollars
but think of it this way the U.S.A. is much bigger so it makes since and Irish people live an average 1 year longer than people in the U.S.A. although the government is the same when it comes to the voting age the government types are different