Come Live In a Place With Endless Fun!!!

Emigrate to Minnesota!

-One reason Pigseye Landing is famous is because it was built by a famous river and was built by Fort Snelling.

-Minnesota has great river transportation.

-Minnesota was named after the Dakota Indian word, 'minisota' meaning sky tinted waters.

-December 6, 1865-The Abolishment of Slavery.

-Less illnesses.

~Carve a New and Better Life in Minnesota~

Come see St. Paul!

There's lots of shopping opportunities.

Tons of excitement and things to see!

It's worth every second!!

Harriet E. Bishop

She was the first public school teacher in Minnesota.

She also helped establish many charitable societies and promoted the causes of temperance and woman suffrage.


The best way to travel here to Minnesota is by train! I recommend it for everyone. A train will take you to your destination at a fast rate! Although, after the train has stopped, you board a steamboat. It is a very efficient way to travel.

James M. Goodhue~

"The news of the treaty exhilarates our town---It is the greatest event by far in the history of the Territory."