"Because we produce great tasting, quality products."

CEO aka Donnie Smith the master mind behind these healthy meats.

He joined Tyson Foods in 1980, he has served as CEO since November 2009. In 2012, he earned US$4.30 million. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science

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Some of the things tyson produces

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And more

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5 career opportunities that tyson has are...



-Bone/ rib operator

  • -Sanitation
  • -Slaughter
  • Bone ribs operator

    This position is responsible for operating machinery and maintaining production flow while maintaining a safe work environment and adhering to Tyson policies and procedures. These heavy skilled positions will involve use of a knife and hook to remove bones from rib.

    Salary is around 40,000+.

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    By: Elyse Lopez 3rd period