by: Tess Kinne


Hi i am Tess . I am 13 years old and have no siblings but i have a dog, and two parents .


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Wrestling -

I've wrestled for 2 years now and it is my life .

Women's wrestling is a hard sport to do especially against guys of the same weight that are naturally stronger than any girl . But I do it because i love it when I win against them and they end up crying after . Its one of the best feeling you could ever have .

I am very passionate about this sport . I wrestle for 6 months each year then spend the rest of the year conditioning to stay in shape .

I have placed 3rd at state and 5th at nationals .

I plan this year to become a national champion .

The picture above is from Brute Nationals last year .

Softball -

I have played softball for 3 years now .

My team and I have took 2nd both years in our championship .

This year I really hope we take 1st this year .

I play 2nd base and center field .

I really like softball and I play it for 5 months out of the year .


I am in student council .

I sing in the honor choir Class Act .

I wrestled both years of middle school .

I did cross country one year.

Now I am doing track . In track I am doing the long jump and the Triple jump .

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