VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

Zach Whitacre

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from lesson 3

The Diary of Anne Frank is the publication of Anne Frank's own personal _________.


The Word


n. (can be used in the singular or plural) The collected records of an organization, institution, or public person. (archives can also refer to the place in which such records are stored)

Other Forms: archival, adj.; archivist, n.


- ARKHEIN <G. "to begin," "to be first"

- ARKHOS <G. "ruler," "first in rank"







- there are no direct antonyms

Additional Information

Archive is a very versatile word. The word can be used in two noun forms, one referring to the collection of records the other referring to the place where the documents are stored, without altering spelling. Also, archives may be used as a verb, archiving: "He could not take a lunch break because he was busy archiving his genealogy documents." Additionally, there is the adjective form, archival, and the noun form archivist.
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Choose the letter of the sentence in which the bold faced word is used incorrectly.

a. It is the job of an archivist to file records so that they may be easily called upon for reference.

b. Jones was too busy archiving the students' test grades to notice it was creeping into the twilight hours of the day.

c. Letters in the WWII archives reveal the experiences that soldiers faced overseas.

d. Chief archiver at the US National Archives is a highly esteemed profession.

The correct answer is D

The proper term for "one who archives" is archivist.