Written By Hayden Barber

Reasons for colonization

  • Gold
  • Glory
  • Political Reasons
  • Expansion
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The 13 Colonies

The 13 colonies consists of Rhode island, Pennslyvania, Massachusets, New York, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Conneticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, Maryland, New Hampshire.


The 13 colonies were split up into 3 regions there were the middle colonies, the southern colonies, and New England. Each region had different economies like the middle colonies had very fertile soil so they had lots of farmers then the southern colonies were also filled with plantations and farms one of their most important crops being tobacco.

The Great Awakening

What was the great awakening? You may be thinking this and its pretty simple really. Basically people were slowly drifting away from christianity. When one man named George Whitefield realized this he started preaching all over america in a way no one had ever seen before. The impact he had started the great awakening

George Whitefield

With George Whitefield preaching to all in such an emotional way people started to actually feel connected to the christian religion. Even Benjamin Franklin emptied his coin purse after hearing him preach in Philadeplhia. Soon most of america became undivided and many preachers started opening schools and churches throughout all the clonies one of those schools being Princeton University.

Impact On Individuals

The impact on the people of America was amazing. People started becoming a whole lot more passionate and emotional with their religion. Some people who were impacted greatly by it started studying the bible at home. The Great Awakening also played a major role in the lives of women.

The Great Awakening caused women to be more introspective. This meant that they kept diaries or memoirs. some of these diaries got published one of them being the Autobiography of Hannah Heaton. It tells of her experiences in the Great Awakening, her encounters with satan, her intellectual and spiritual growth, along with her daily life on the farm.