The UnBEElievable Third Grade

Mrs. Waller

Book Orders

I sent a Scholastic book order home on Friday. My code for is FLP8D. This order will end on 9/11. You can, however, order at anytime. Minimum orders for free shipping is $15.00. If your item or items is under that, I can still place the order, I will just wait until I get $15.00. This usually doesn't take long, and I get notification when you place the order, so order anytime. The prices can't be beat, and it helps build our classroom library.


Mass Day Uniforms

The children look amazing. I love the new uniform. Please make sure that if your child is wearing a tie to school, as we all should be, you remind them to leave it on. Several ties were taken off before the kids made it upstairs to the classroom. I am not able to tie a tie, let alone, five or six. After mass the children may remove the ties and put them away for the day. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Reading Logs

The children need to be filling in the nightly reading log. Each child is to read for 20 minutes as well as study math facts for five minutes a night. This activity should be recorded on the log and your initials or signature needs to be included on that log sheet.

STVM/BEE Field trip

This week I will be sending a field trip permission slip. This slip will be a "blanket" permission for a walking trip across the street to our hive and to the high school. We will be visiting each location several times this year. You will be notified in advance of each visit but this allows us to minimize the paperwork, as this is an ongoing trip. It is not a regular field trip where I need parent chaperones. You are welcome to come on any trip to the hive. I will be unable to have any parents along when we go into the classroom at the high school. Space is very limited for the many high school students and our twenty third graders, and our work time will be very structured. There will be no extra space for parents in the classroom setting.