Swing Away For Opening Day

Ranger's Opening Day

History of Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are one of the best teams in the NBL. They have been to the World Series twice in a row, and no other team in history has done that. All of the spring training and practice was put to use when they played on opening day. Texans all die hard baseball fans, and Texas Rangers are a die hard team! In the end it all comes down the first and last pitch! Stands packed, a bunch of peanuts and cracker jacks.

Texas Rangers Important Info.

Every year, opening day is a sellout. Many people across Texas stay home or get a day off of work just to watch it. Since the Rangers have been to the World Series twice in a year, the tickets go cheaper in cost every opening day. Just this year, the Texas Rangers sold their name to Global Life Insurance Company. Now the Ranger's park is called Globe Life Park!

Ranger Facts!