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Welcome to Week 14

Next week is Thanksgiving Break!!! Progress Report Grades are Due!

  2. Students & Staff of the Week!
  3. Coyote Calendar- Progress Reports
  4. Assessment News: Final Exam Bell Schedule, Winter Retakes, QC's
  5. School News: Tutoring Tuesdays
  6. High School News:Financial Aid Night
  7. Middle School News: Thank you to Alton Voss
  8. Actionable Items- Submit Student and Faculty Howlouts
  9. Calling all Coyotes- In need of men's dress shoes & ABC Christmas Tree
  10. Coyote Resources-Request Resource Visits! Request use of SAC fund$.
  11. Parent Howler Hub & Coyote Voice

Important: Progress Reports DUE November 14th at 9am

The Posting Window for Progress Reports opens 11/09/18 and Ends 11/14/18. Please review your assignments and categories to ensure grades are accurate measure student performance.


On November 12th at approximately 11:30 (7th period) we will be conducting our ATP drill. Please consider this drill a review of the evacuation procedures should you be in a large space (gym, media, café) when a threat occurs.

Attached is the script. Please:

  • watch the video
  • conduct a conversation but what you saw
  • then pull up the café map
  • and then ask the students to apply what they learned in the video to the evacuation plan for the cafeteria.

Congratulations to our Coyote Staff of the Week

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Congratulations to our Coyote Students of the Week

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Congratulations to the following Students!!

Congratulations to the following students who have passed their FSA/EOC or concordant score! Celebrate these students’ success as we HOWL at Assessments!

Algebra 1 EOC


Jamari Carter PERT

Moriah Coleman PERT

Julian Cortes FSA

Crystal Delgado PERT

Nallely Delgado PERT

Samuel Flook PERT

Shaniqua Hicks PERT

Goldina Jean PERT

Daniela Lopez FSA

Rachel Stein PERT


Ricardo Cortes FSA

Heather Cummings FSA

Alexandra Fermo FSA

Mary Flook FSA

Alexander Watson FSA


Joseph Bailey FSA

Alexander Brann FSA

Marc-Anthony Calo FSA

Mekhi Combs FSA

Sarenity Dailey FSA

Ramy Ismail FSA

Sophia Merrell FSA

Andrew Nuzzo FSA

Madison Ramirez FSA

Sarah Stein FSA


Cory Dankin FSA

Jeremiah Hamilton FSA

FSA 10th ELA


Hunter Barickman SAT

Natalie Clifford SAT

Moriah Coleman SAT

Julian Cortes SAT

Christopher Del Riccio SAT

Crystal Delgado SAT

Nallely Delgado SAT

Samuel Flook SAT

Timothy Ford-Brown SAT

Santino Gonzalez-Fattori SAT

Shaniqua Hicks SAT

Megan Hook SAT

Jessica Howard SAT

Goldina Jean SAT

Kenia Mitter SAT

Alexander Perez SAT

Ashley Perez SAT

Tiffany Pike SAT

Aliza Rivera SAT

Rachel Rogers SAT

Jag-Nelson Roman SAT

Jermyshae Simmons SAT

Dekari Stepter SAT

Ariana Trujillo Lebron SAT

Collin Vatter SAT

Alexys Zapata SAT

Geometry EOC


Asher Austin


Mackenzie Noble

Brianna Sharpe

Coyote Calendar

Week 14: November 12th-18th

Monday November 12th

ATP Drill - 7th Period


12:30pm- Marine Recruiter D Lunch

1pm- High School Club and Middle School Pep Rally

2pm- Robot C Club in 1-226

2pm-Committee Meetings Various Locations

6pm- Girl's Soccer vs Gulf @ HOME

6pm- MS Girl's Basketball vs Centennial @ HOME

Tuesday November 13th

2pm-3pm After School Detention in Room 3-224

2pm-3pm- Tutoring in Core Subjects, ASL & Spanish in Media

6pm- SAC Meeting in Media

6pm-HS Boy's Soccer vs Brooks Debartolo @ HOME

Wednesday November 14th


2pm- Class of 2020 Meeting 4-225

6pm- PTSA Board Meeting in Media

6pm- HS Girl's Soccer vs Wesley Chapel @ HOME

6pm- MS Girl's Basketball @ Weightman Middle School

Thursday November 15th

During Core- Great American Teach-IN Sessions

12:30- US Army Recruiter Sgt Chip Allen to D Lunch

2pm- EOP Meeting in 3-210

2pm- After School Detention in Room 3-224

6pm- 7pm- Financial Aid Night in Cafeteria

6pm- MS Boy's Soccer vs Weightman @ WCHS

6pm- HS Girl's Soccer @ Brooks Debartolo

Friday November 16th

During Core- Great American Teach-In Session

7pm- HS Boy's Soccer @ Tampa Prep

Saturday November 17th

Pasco Cheer Competition @JWMHS

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Assessment News

Final Exam Week Bell Schedule

Check out the Bell Schedule for our Fall semester Final Exams in the District Finals folder under Assessments in SharePoint! You can also view the FAQs, check out scripts, access the ARM Resources webpage and browse the District Finals Searchable Database for all things related to District Finals. If you have questions, ask your PLC Facilitator.

Winter FSA/NGSSS EOC Retakes

The Winter FSA/NGSSS EOC Retakes will take place starting Tuesday, 11/27, in the Media Center. Only EOC's (Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology 1, US History, and Civics) will be assessed. For more information, including rosters, check out the FSA & EOC - Winter 2018-19 folder under Assessments in SharePoint.

11/27 Algebra 1 EOC S1

11/28 Algebra 1 EOC S2

11/29 Algebra 1 EOC S1 M/U

11/30 Algebra 1 EOC S2 M/U

12/3 Biology 1 EOC

12/4 US History EOC

12/5 Civics EOC

12/6 Geometry EOC S1

12/7 Geometry EOC S2

12/10-12/14 EOC Make-Ups

Quarterly Check Information

Quarterly Checks are again just around the corner! QCs will be administered in the same scheduling format as Quarter 1. MS QC's will be given during the week of 12/10-12/14 and HS QC's will be given during the Final Exam week of 12/17-12/21. Check out the Assessment Calendar for more specific dates.

Schoolwide News

Important: Duty Reminder

This is a gentle reminder that your assigned duty is through the end of the first semester. Staff members scheduled for supervision at specific locations, per the duty map, help to ensure areas and students are supervised. Please make it a priority to attend your scheduled duty.

Mornings: Circulate within your area and begin verbally encouraging students to move to class at 7:21.

Afternoons: Circulate within your area and encourage students to move toward bus loop, car loop, or parking lot safely and quickly.

Thank you to our Veterans!

Veterans Day: In honor of Veterans Day, we would like to show our appreciation to all the brave men & women who fought valiantly to protect our great country. Your braveries are not myths but true legends for generations to come. A special thank you goes out to the following staff members that have served in our armed forces: Jennifer Richardson (4 years US Navy), Garret Gibson (10 years, US Navy), & Corporal Mitchell (13 years FL National Guard)

Committee Meetings November 12th

Committee Day, Monday, November 12th

Today will be our first schoolwide committee day. Please review the committee member list if you are unsure what team to attend. The PD team will not be meeting today, but rather at a later date.


PD Team - Media

ABC – Room 1-113

Coyote Celebration – 3-201

PBIS Discipline – Media 2

Facilities and Safety – Admin Conference Room

Trauma Informed – (Met previously with Mrs. Hawk on Thursday, November, 8th)

Please ensure that meeting minutes have been taken and submit to

PBIS Focus: Own your education - No missing Assignments

Thank you for supporting our no tardy week at CCMHS! Next up is a focus on academic behaviors! Motivate students to get caught up by Thanksgiving break! Throughout the upcoming week our PBIS focus will be Owning your education and Have a growth mindset by completing all assignments. Teachers please award coyotes 3 coyote cash each for Have a growth mindset and Own your education for every student who has no missing assignments by Friday. Students will be able to earn 6 coyote cash for each class in which they have no missing assignments! This is a big one for them!

FSA/EOC Spring Test Information Available

Want to know more about the FSAs and/or EOCs that our students will be assessed on in April and May?

Check out the following resources in the Assessments folder in SharePoint under

FSA & EOC - Spring 2019:

  • Test Item Specifications
  • Fact Sheets
  • Practice Tests
  • Statewide Assessment Program Information Guide
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High School News

Big picture

Middle School News

Actionable Items

Submit a Faculty or Student Howlout!

Faculty Howlouts will drive our selections for Staff Member of the Week. Each week we will announce all of our HS and MS Coyote staff members of the week! These staff members will have their names announced on the intercom on Friday. At the end of the quarter the Staff Members of the Week will be invited to a special luncheon in their honor! We look forward to receiving numerous staff shout outs so we have many to select from each week!”

Student Howlouts: At the end of the week these students will be invited down to the flag pole in the center of the courtyard where we will have a Coyote Flag to be raised on Friday. These students will get the honor of raising the flag each Friday, and will have their names announced on the intercom! At the end of the quarter we will have a breakfast for all of our Students of the Week and their parents.

Faculty- Click here to submit

Student- Click here to submit

Calling all Coyotes

ABC Needs

Prince Project is in need of Dress Shoes ( size 7-15) for our young men for prom
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Coyote Resources

Resources Available to you!

Classroom visit- Behavior Specialist Request

Learning Design Coach Meeting with Mrs. Manning

Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles Classroom Visit

SAC Funds: If you would like to request funding for an initiative in your classroom or a school-based activity, please complete the following Mach Form: SAC Funds Request Form

Student Services

Are you concerned about a student? Behavior, Academics, or Attendance

Refer them to the Students Services Team!!

Click here to refer them!

We are an MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) Team that includes admin, counselors, behavior staff, ESE staff, medical, & socio-emotional staff. The team meets every Tuesday.

Our goal is to identify students in need of support and meet those needs. If you have a student that needs support please submit the student’s information via the mach form.

Parent Howler Hub

Here is this weeks Parent Howler Hub! This is sent out via remind on Sunday Night!

If you ever want to submit anything to go in the Howler please use this request link!

It is also in the Requests Section of Sharepoint. It gives you a "fatal error" but it goes through.