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Attorney Erica Norwood

Taking plaintiff cases

A plaintiff is a person accusing the defendant of a wrong doing.


A defendant is a person that Defends the accusations against them.


A complaint is the paper with the allegations of the lawsuit. I will file your case in a complaint which will contain the allegations of your lawsuit.


A summon is a document that starts a law suit. I will have the clerk to issue the summons to make the defendant come to court to begin your lawsuit.


A pleading is a documents that the attorneys draft with the allegations and defenses to the lawsuit.

Pretrial conference

The meeting between the attorneys and the judge to determine how the trial is going to be conducted


A meeting with a neutral attorney to get the plaintiff and defendant to compromise to settle the lawsuit.


Is a meeting with a lawyer that is trained to make findings like a judge that the parties have to abide by.


A trial is when a plantiff gives all their evidence to a jury or Judge through witness or documents so the judge or jury may decide who wins the lawsuit.

Preponderance of evidence

Preponderance of evidence is the standard of proof that a plantiff in a civil case must show to win their lawsuit. This standard is met if all of the evidence presented is slightly in plantiffs favor.


A verdict is the decision that the judge or the jury reaches.


Appeal is when the losing party takes their case to the next higher court to see if any errors were made in the trial.