Renaissance and Reformation


Eras of the Renaissance


  • Early Tudor era immediately following the black death, 1/3 of the population lived in poverty and there was very poor sanitation

  • 1558–1603: Elizabethan era marked a renaissance that inspired national pride by expressing classical ideals. Shakespeare wrote most of his plays during this era, the first theater in England was built during this time

  • 1603–1625:Jacobean era marks the time in which Jacob I of England was in power. Some of Shakespeare's most prominent plays, including King Lear (1605), Macbeth (1606), and The Tempest (1610)

  • 1625–1642: Caroline era marks the reign of Charles I. In comparison to the last two eras, literature had diminished

  • 1949-1660: Commonwealth or Puritan Interregnum marked the start of Reformation

Art and Literature

Writers -

  • William Shakespeare- Poet and playwright (1564-1616)
  • Ludovico Ariosto- Poet (1474-1533)

  • Sir Phillip Sidney- The publication of his work Astrophel and Stella (1501) made the sonnet much more publicized and his poem Arcadia made lyric poetry popular to other poets of the time.

  • Christopher Marlowe wrote Tamburlaine the Great (1587) which established blank verse for the era

Artists -
  • Leonardo Da Vinci: Leonardo was the supreme Renaissance painter, scientist, and inventor; known as one of the greatest minds in the world

  • Michelangelo: Sculptor and painter; one famous work being the statue of David

Social Conditions

Large increase in crime illistrated by the pamphlets and writings of:

  • Thomas Harman (1566)
  • Robert Greene (1591-92)
  • William Shakespeare's King Lear (1605-06)

Cultural Development

  • Humanism was prominent and was influenced by classics
  • Secularism, seen as being anti-Christian and anti-religious

Both new ideas that arose in this period.

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