Garry Seabrook


All about me...

  • Been teaching in Hanoi for past ten years
  • Last three years, been teaching EAP and IELTS at a military academy in Hanoi
  • Married for four years
  • Thuy teaches English to Young Learners
  • Will is one and a half years old (time flies)
  • This is my last master's subject
  • Also studying a Dip Ed (teaching secondary) this year with plans to work in international schooling
  • Long term ambition to finish a PhD I started after my undergrad many years ago. Perhaps best described as a quantum theory of knowledge.
  • Weird, but I find study kind of addictive and spend most of my free time doing it (more productive than playing computer games, I guess).
  • Not really a technophobe, though do try to keep life simple and just learn/adopt new technology as required.