All about Sumin.

I'm going to tell you about me, Sumin Seo!


Hi, my name is Sumin Seo. When I didn't took the personality test, I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grow up. However, I found out that I want to be a either an architect or a photographer. These are the things that I think it will match with me and I think I will enjoy that I will never get bored of on my job. My personality test said that If I don't do something that's not unique , I will lose my interest so I think I will do awesome with these job. I really want to go to good college but yet I don't know which college I want to go. I just want to go somewhere far away from here, so that I can know more things about other countries culture and religion. I'm thinking about like New York, or Florida. I want to go somewhere near the beach that has good views.
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My true color is Orange!

My true color is Orange. This means I'm creative and imaginative; enjoy music, art and drama; like to work in small groups rather than large ones; like to do things on my way; wiling to take risks. And this reflects me well! It perfectly matches with me.

My Career Choices.

I researched more about my future jobs, and an architect was required Bachelor's Degree, the median pay was 73,090$, job growth rate was 17%. An architects plan and design houses, office buildings, and other structures!.

My other option was Interior Designers. It also requires Bachelor's Degree, median pay is $47,600, job growth rate is 13% and Interior designers design colors and other stylish interior for buildings.

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The picture above is a information about my future colleges. They have best architecture major system and classes. But then, this will be so much difficult to me since it's really competitive and expensive but I'm not gonna lose my hope.

This is about my budget if I move out from Dallas.

You could go and try yours too!^

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