HiTone Guitars

TOP 10 LIST OF 2012

Did you have a good guitar year?

At HiTone Guitars we had an amazing year. Here's a look at a few top moments.

#1 One Killer 12-String Gretsch Tele

One of our most challenging builds to date was this 12-string Gretsch/Tele. It has a Rickenbacker style headstock, which took weeks to develop. It also has two TV Jones classics and a Ghost piezo bridge. It came out incredible and we're looking forward to delivering it to it's new owner. (BTW we know this pick only has 6 stings on it.)

Now that's a good year!

What's going on in 2013? HiTone signature models.

That's what's going on!

We have 3 signature models that we'll start production on in the new year. The models will be include a solidbody 6-string, a semi-hollow body 6-string, and and acoustic 6-string.

Does owning a new HiTone interest you? Contact us if your interested in buying one.