Kept on Salary



Controlling worker’s compensation claims costs by paying Kept on Salary (KOS) benefits to an injured/ill team member who was injured while performing work related activities and will be away from work on a continuous basis. KOS is the continuation of the injured team member’s regular wages while they are away from work due to a work related injury/illness. This practice saves money in time loss exposure under the workers’ compensation claim.


Use the Washington KOS (WA KOS) timecode to code the injured/ill employee’s timecard for occupational injuries only while the injured/ill team member is away from work continuously . This timecode is for use for Washington team members only and should not be used for any other purpose.


The Prestige Plus Benefits Team provides administration and support to your location for your injured/ill team members who have a workers’ compensation claim. Please contact the Prestige Plus Benefits Team for additional assistance.