Where I Stand

By Mark Lee


Markham, is one of the fastest growing cities in the Greater Toronto Area. With a population of 300,000 people, an area covering 212 square kilometers, and located in the heart of the GTA, Markham is a hub for many business opportunities.

Preserving Markham's Majestic Parks

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The 22 kilometers of scenic pathways highlights the beauty of Markham. My concern for Markham resides in the fact that there is too much focus on economic growth, more specifically towards, business opportunities and industrial growth. I am aware that Markham takes great care in preserving these green spaces however, if they cannot properly manage this rapid growth, we will lose what is most vital in our city. I believe Markham should rethink their economic growth strategy by taking a more conservative approach when dealing with the limited land space.

Markham's Strategic Location

Cycle the Recycling Program

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My biggest concern with Markham's current recycling program, is how people have to go on a website, scroll down the long FAQ page, or use a search bar to see if their material is on the list of recyclable materials. I find this to be unnecessarily work intensive and simply put, people are lazy and not that interested when it comes to recycling. I propose that Markham starts by informing the public through media ie television, video, and magazines to get a basic level of awareness. Next, I propose that Markham invests in some basic schooling on recycling meanwhile, making it accessible to the public and easy to understand.


Looking After Our Roads

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My biggest concern with road maintenance, is the major traffic blockage it causes especially if there is maintenance on major highways such as highway 7. This frustrates myself and many other people in our community who end up being late late to their destinations. I strongly believe that Markham should rethink the necessity of their maintenance programs and decide if it will truly benefit the community.