The Pig's Head

The Lord of the Flies

the evil-within

"The silence accepted the gift and awed them. The head remained there, dim-eyed, grinning faintly, blood blackening between the teeth" (Golding 137).

The description used to give an image for the Pig's Head shows the deep darkness it held and the power that the symbol of the Head had over the island.

"...The Lord of the Flies hung on his stick and grinned. At last Simon gave up and looked back; saw the white teeth and dim eyes, the blood- and his gaze was held by that ancient, inescapable recognition. In Simon's right temple, a pulse began to beat on the brain" (Golding 138).

Within this paragraph it portrays an idea of about how much power the darkness had over Simon. The LOTF is Simon's personal symbol of the evil within and its being brought out through this confrontation.

"Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill" (Golding 143).

Blankly, the LOTF is telling Simon that their eternal greed and Man's darkness is the true Beast. He is figuratively explaining the reality of their situation.