The History of my Birthday

Nathan Dole Period 5

Background on me...

I was born on February 16th, 2001 and am about 5,385 days old. I was born on the year of the snake and I am an Aquarius. My month stone is also amethyst.

On February 16th, 2001...

February 16th, 2001 was rainy with approximately 0.53 inches of rain. It was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit with winds around 5 mph. The moon was Waining Towards a new moon with 42 percent visibility. (image to the left.)

On this Day in history...

On this day in 1923 Archeologists open the tomb of King Tut. In 1778 Future president, John Adams sets sail for France to negotiate a treaty. In 1997, Jeff Gordon becomes the youngest Nascar Driver to win the Daytona 500. In 1862, General Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Donelson leading the Union to victory in Tennessee. Finally On this day in history in 1959 Fidel Castro is sworn in as prime minister of Cuba.

Top 3 Things happening in the world


When I was Born Bill Clinton was president, but within a few days George W. Bush became president.

Famous people who share my Birthday...

Pop singer, The Weeknd, Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston, Kim Jong-il the past dictator of North Korea, actress, Elizabeth Olsen, and actress Amanda Holden

Prices of common items

  • a postage stamp $.33 cents
  • a car $25,800
  • a four bedroom house approximately $165,00
  • a gallon of milk $2.90
  • a movie ticket $5.66.
  • a gallon of gas $1.46
  • a pair of jeans $16


The best new movies

The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring, Shrek, Monsters inc., Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Jurassic park 3

Most Popular actors

Russel Crowe, Javier Bardem, Tom Hanks, Ed Harris and Geoffrey Russ.

TV shows

Friends, X files, Power ranges, X files, Sesame street, Sponge bob and the Simpsons


Popular books included Skipping Christmas by: John Grisham, Violets Are Blue by: James Patterson, Journey Through Heartsongs By: Mattie J.T. Stepanek and He Sees You When You’re Sleeping by: Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark.


Popular musicians included Lifehouse Alicia Keys, and Train.


The Baltimore Ravens win their first super bowl. The new team the Arizona Diamondbacks win the world series. The 76ers lose the NBA finals. And Tiger Woods becomes the first golfer in history to hold all four major championship titles at the same time.