Survey Findings

Dear Parents/Caregivers

2021 FCI Community Survey Findings

Thank you to those of you who participated in our 2021 FCI Community Survey. The information you provided highlighted our strengths, and will guide the future direction for developments within our school.

The following percentage of respondents agreed or strongly agreed to the statements:

93% - Our school has a good reputation.

89% - Our school buildings and grounds are attractive and well maintained.

88% - The school provides a safe, secure environment.

87% - Our school sets high expectations for student achievement.

86% - Our school places a strong emphasis on student wellbeing.

82% - Our school is well resourced to support learning.

A love of learning, self management and social skills, critical and creative thinking, and academic achievement across the curriculum are all highly valued by our community, and perceived as important areas to develop in intermediate education.

Some strengths of FCI identified included:

  • Genuine, dedicated staff

  • Great communication

  • Wellbeing focused; students encouraged to discover strengths and develop a positive attitude to learning

  • Diverse range of specialist topics

  • Inclusive, welcoming and friendly culture

  • Lots of extra curricular opportunities

Some areas for improvement suggested included more frequent student progress updates, a tidy up of the exterior of the school (a property working bee is in the pipeline so stay tuned!), a streamlined uniform (we are working on this too), and a clearer way for parents to access extra curricular activities (check out our Daily Notices using your child’s school email account). Thank you for your valuable feedback. If you would like to share more thoughts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Kind regards

Steve Toohey

Board Chair

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