Principal's Newsletter

Sam Barlow High School ~ August 2018


I hope this finds you and your family doing well and enjoying a great summer break. While it has been very hot lately, it sure is nice waking up to sunny skies, warm temperatures, and the idea of shorts t-shirts, barbeque, and time with family and friends. Long summer nights are always such a great time to reconnect with people and enjoy good company.

We are fast approaching the start of the 2018-19 school year and are very excited to provide another year of great experiences for your Bruins. We have spent our summer here watching Barlow undergo some major changes and it’s so exciting to see the new building being built. I know it will be hard to “see” what it is all going to look like during the process, but each day brings us closer to the amazing space Barlow will become.

Even though our school will be under construction, the staff is working hard to be prepared for the return of students and all of those great fall activities and events. There will be some challenges this year due to building constraints, but those will not stop us for having a great year. Remember, we need to continue keeping our eyes on the prize!

I wanted to take some time to share key details with you before the start of the school year that will ultimately help everyone be more successful and have a good experience at Barlow. Some key sections to explore include:

  • Student parking passes
  • Student pick-up and drop-off guidelines
  • Construction zone safety tips
  • Tips for starting the school year strong
  • Registration

Parking Passes for the 2018-19 School Year

Parking Pass Details

Bond construction is in full swing at Sam Barlow High School. As a result, we will be losing several parking spaces due to the installation of portable classrooms and construction equipment. Taking that into consideration, we have revised our parking pass policy.

To purchase a parking pass, students must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Junior or Senior
  • Attended at least 85% of the days during the second semester of the 2017-18 school year
  • Had no more than 10 unexcused absences in any class period
  • Have a valid Oregon Drivers License
  • Have current car insurance
  • Books and Fees from 2017-2018 must be cleared

If students meet the above criteria, Seniors, CAL students and those who have a zero period will have first priority on purchasing parking passes. We will then sell the remaining parking passes to those who qualify through a lottery system. Parking passes will be on sale in Student Management on August 23rd and 24th from 8:00 – 3:00. Parking pass applications will be included in your registration packet.

Student Pick-Up and Drop-Off Guidelines

With major construction taking place all year, and fewer student parking spaces available, our partnership around student pick-up and drop-off will be critical for making our mornings and afternoons manageable. We will include a diagram in your registration packet that shows where student drop-off and pick-up will be. Please be sure to follow those guidelines. If everyone follows the plan, it will go quickly and smoothly.

Some things to consider:

  • Have your student take the bus to and from school. It is reliable transportation and saves gas and time.
  • If you don’t use the bus, consider setting up ride sharing or car-pooling for drop-off and pick-up.
  • If you don’t use the bus, consider dropping your student off before 7:15 am or picking them up at 3:00 pm. Traveling during non-peak times lightens the traffic burden and shortens wait time and frustration. Besides, those extra few minutes at school may help your student pick up homework, meet with a teacher, or visit with friends before heading home.
  • Consider using the bus for at least one-way transportation. Maybe using the bus in the morning when going to school will save time and provide a convenience for your family. The same may be true for transportation home.

I know there will be challenges, but if everyone does their part and works as a team, it will go very well.

Construction Safety

Please be aware of construction signs while visiting Barlow. These signs are posted for your safety.
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Starting the School Year Strong

Well, I know this message will find you in the beginning of August and I am fully aware that there is still quite a bit of summer left before school starts. Maybe even an awesome vacation or trip is still on the calendar. However, there are a few suggestions I would like to make that will help your student transition to their school year successfully. I am sure many of these suggestions will be met with groans, but these are helpful tips that will really make your student’s life a bit easier.

  • Start talking to your student about what they would like to accomplish this year in school. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily have to focus on grades. Goals could be around developing better or new friendships, spending more time with family, getting a part time job, or even attending some sporting events at school. The key here is to have a meaningful conversation with your student about their hopes and ambitions for the year.
  • Encourage your student to pick up a book, magazine, or an on-line news source to read on a regular basis. If they read for 30 minutes a day, this will get their brains working and exercising to better prepare them for the flood of information they will get when they start school. Think of it as a “warming up their brain” period.
  • Take some time with your student and help them organize their room to include a place to do homework or study. This can be as simple as a stack of pillows that they push against the wall while they read or do math, or as elaborate as a dedicated chair and desk. Along with establishing a “place for school” at home, this gives you some time to work with your student, talk to them, and see what they are looking forward to this school year.
  • If you have not already done this, take some time to relax and talk with your student. Whether it is a 10 or 30 minute conversation, taking a few minutes to talk, catch up, and visit with your child will make a huge difference in your relationship. The conversation doesn’t need to have a purpose other than to just talk. The time you spend now is a great investment. That way, when it comes time to have a more challenging conversation in the middle of the school year, you have practiced how to talk with one another and it will be much easier to communicate.

Getting ready for school to start is often one of those last minute rushes (trust me, I have kids also) that sometimes sneaks up on us. If you take a bit of time and gradually ramp up to the start of the school year, kids will have a smoother transition and more success when beginning. Please be sure to enjoy the last few weeks of summer away from school and with your family and we look forward to seeing you soon. Go Bruins!

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Look for your registration packet to arrive this month!

The packet will contain a student verification form, billing form, parking information and many other important items that need to be returned to the school by August 24th.


  • Student Verification Form: Look over the form carefully and make any necessary changes on the form, then sign it. ALL forms must be signed and returned even if there are no changes to be made.
  • Registration Billing Form - FEES INFORMATION REQUIRED: $50 refundable deposit for students NEW to SBHS. Mandatory $3 Student Fee. $30 graduation fee for seniors only. $10 for PE shirt uniform (if needed). ELECTIVE COURSE FEES: Fees are charged for some elective courses. These fees range from $5 to $25. The exact charge can be found on our Web-Store and in the registration packet. OPTIONAL FEES: $20 for ASB Sticker and $50 for 2018-2019 Yearbook.
  • Please make checks payable to 'SBHS'. If you are paying in cash, please use the drop box located outside the main office. If you pay online by credit or debit card, use this link to access our online WebStore.
  • JUNIORS/SENIORS - complete Off Campus Application


Monday, Aug. 6th, 8am

Sam Barlow High School Athletic Office

Clearance for Fall Athletics opens on Monday, August 6th. You can access clearance forms on our website under Athletics & Activities.

Athletes must have all clearance forms and fees paid before they can step foot on the field or court.


Welcome class of 2022!! We have a great opportunity for you to come to school and learn about Barlow before your first day. We have some great activities planned!

AUGUST 22 & 23

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Transportation is provided from your local elementary school to Sam Barlow, and return to the same elementary school in the afternoon.
  • Lunch is provided


SBHS Calendars

As mentioned in some earlier newsletters, we have new SBHS Google calendars (that came out with our new school websites back in January). If you'd like to subscribe to these calendars on your phone or other devices, use these links below:

Activities - SBHS Calendar:

Athletics -SBHS calendar:

Sam Barlow Main Public Calendar:


Schedules will be printed for Freshmen and new students the first day of school only. All other schedules will be available on StudentVue the first day of school. Schedule changes will only be made in the case of an error. Changes to schedules will not be made to: obtain a different teacher, rearrange class periods or create early dismissal/late arrival.

Who Can Help?

If you have concerns about your child’s schedule or other issues, the following are the staff to contact. Email is a quick way to get answers to the questions you might have.


A-E Michelle Kahan

F-J Erin Boelow

K-Ra Oscar Rethwill

Re-Z Molly Ninneman


Paul Quirke


Karen Galicia


Ryan Alexander


A-G Cheeri Schacht

H-O Tim Collins

P-Z Kelly Hart

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Class of 2019, Welcome to your senior year!

This year will be busy and filled with challenges and excitement for your future. Your College & Career Center is here to assist you on your journey. We will work hard to answer your questions and make your senior year a fun and productive one.

Applying to College-First Steps:

  • Visit a wide variety of schools now so you can determine the right fit for your future.

  • Make sure the colleges you are considering have the programs you want.

  • Pay attention to application deadlines. Start a calendar of due dates. Many schools have an early application deadline of November 1.

  • Ask for letters of recommendation from counselors, teachers, employers, etc. (Do not wait until the fall to do this. Ask now!)

  • Request an official transcript from the registrar, after your final grades have posted, or use your Common Application to request an electronic version through your Naviance account.

  • Apply to colleges using Naviance or directly on a college’s website.

  • Make sure your SAT or ACT test scores are where you need them to be. Re-test, if necessary, in the fall. Send your scores to schools. Either test is acceptable.

  • Complete an activities chart/resume to use for college applications and scholarships.

  • Research financial aid options and learn more about the FAFSA, your primary source of college funds.

FAFSA-What is it and how do I get ready to apply?

The FAFSA is your way to get help paying for college. It is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA creates free grant funds and loans for you to use to go to college. The FAFSA is also a part of the Oregon Promise grant, which provides you with free community college tuition.

This summer is a great time for you and your parents to get started on your FAFSA process. The FAFSA doesn’t actually open until Oct. 1, 2018, but you can do a few steps before then. The first thing for you to do is to create the FSA ID number for 1.) the student and for 2.) the parent(s). The best way to do this is to go to and look for the blue tab at the top of the page that says “FSA ID.” If you are curious where you might fall in terms of grant (free) funds and loans, see the fafsa4caster at:

Don’t’ forget that the College & Career Center has ASPIRE mentors to help you navigate through the important details of your senior year. Apply for a mentor and get the assistance you need! Watch for an upcoming summer email with additional details. Remember to use your free time wisely over the summer to get ahead of the busy fall coming your way. You will be very glad you prepared when those deadlines approach.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email Patty Neuenschwander at or call 503-258-4890. Have a great summer!