What's in a name?

Team information

  • Name: Indianapolis Colts
  • Country : United States
  • State: Indiana
  • City: Indianapolis
  • Longitude and latitude: 39.7910 degrees north and 86.1480 degrees west
  • Region: Midwestern Region
  • Laugange spoken: English
  • Interesting facts :
  • Gave birth to one of Americas most known political parties
  • At the turn of the century the Progressive Movment happened.
  • This region has a lot of farm land
  • Physical Features
  • The Great Plains
  • Ohio River
  • Great Lakes
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Team Mascot

  • What is the team mascot. Blue the colt
  • No nicknames
  • Does not apply

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  • When was team established? 1953
  • The founder? Robert Irsay
  • Why did they choose this location? They chose it because there location is in he middle of the city so more people can come.
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  • What is the name of the stadium? The Lucas Oil Stadium
  • Why did they chose this name? Because Lucas Oil sponsors them
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  • Why has there been a shift in naming stadiums? Because a lot of people let other company's pay and Spenser them.

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