The Everlasting Winter

The Aftermass of a Nuclear War

The End is Only the Beginning

As the mushroom cloud from the bombs start to fade, it creates huge amounts of debris that goes up into the sky and eventually blocks the sun. Without the sun, within days the climate drops drastically. Everything everywhere turns to total darkness. In just a few weeks the temperature turns to minus 23 to 30 degrees Celsius, even in places such as Africa, Asia, and Latin Americas. This temperature drop only happens on land since oceans cool slowly. This difference in temperature often creates hurricanes and unimaginable storms. But, this is just the beginning.

Resources Running Low

Eventually the debris will fall back down in the form of sulfuric acid rain. When the wind starts to pick up, it would carry particles of radioactive dust into your face. At this point, the radioactivity is not deathly, but it will not help you. Meanwhile, all plants who relied on sunlight slowly die out, and the animals living off those plants start to die too. At this point, the water has turned to ice and the water supply for you and the animals is gone, killing off even more animals. Now that all your food and water supply has died out you will have a hard time staying alive, unless you turn to munching on insects, rats, flies, and cockroaches.

Chaos Breaks Loose

Radioactivity eventually will speed up the mutation rate of viruses and bacteria. This causes cancer and birth to gruesomely malformed babies. Not to mention the radioactivity boosts the mutation rate of your own DNA too! Soon you will have all different types of cancer and people everywhere will be carrying multiple diseases. Since the soot from the impact sites wiped out almost all of the ozone layer, people will be taking shelter from the sun. Without an ozone layer, we become exposed to UV radiation, exposure to this causes more cancers, sores, and burns all over your body. Most species will become extinct and we could easily be one of them.
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