The Abuse of the Media

The Media Causes Suicides and Lost Hours of Precious Time

The Problem and the Solution- Cyberbullying

In the 21st century, media has touched and affected the lives of everyone in numerous ways, both negative and positive. Today, millions Americans are tweeting, snapchatting, and blogging about their everyday lives, spamming feeds with selfies and countless categories of photos. Though the media seems like a fantastic way of communication in an entertaining way, there is a dark side to it, as there are to most things. Studies show that nearly 50% of teens are victims of cyberbullying, a new bullying method that uses the media to send messages with a cruel or threatening nature. This form has lead to the distress of many teens including depression and even suicides and or suicide attempts. "...a survey on more than 4,700 teenagers from across the world found that a-fifth of those who had experienced this form of bullying contemplated suicide, and more than half acknowledged that being taunted online was worse than being bullied in person." This news article states that teens say physical bullying is better than the words that effect in psychological hauntings. If teenage victims much prefer a punch to the face than a slap of words, then it is clear that there is a problem.

Cyberbullies target their teen peers with threatening content, spreading rumors via social media, posting hurtful content, and more disruptive methods. The question is, why are the bullies so hurtful in this way and how can it cease? To stop the problem, we first must understand why it happens, and there are many reasons why. Some cyberbullies bully because it makes them feel better about their already low self esteem, it may make them feel more powerful and popular, and some even do it because they think its funny. One of the few ways to put a stop to this unacceptable behavior is to report the incident to the website or social media, as most have instructions on how to do so. One article states that "First, the adolescent should block the cyberbully to prevent more harassment. Social media sites often include instructions for blocking users. The adolescent, or an adult, should then document the incident. Keeping evidence of the incident is crucial, so someone needs to record dates, times, and descriptions of the harassment. In addition, the e-mails, text messages, or posts in question should be saved or printed." In other words, block the bully and save the evidence by taking screenshots or writing all of the information down. The effect that cyberbullies have on teens today is unacceptable, causing suicides, depression, cutting, and other forms of how the people of today cope with distress. This is why the generation of the 21st century needs to band together to lower the percentages of the cyberbullying, and bullying today in general.

The Problem and the Solution- Hours Lost

This generation tends to spend a lot of time looking at screens than they do looking at the world for themselves. This is, unfortunately, emphasising that teens abuse media and even phones themselves. With the new smartphones, and apps that contribute to the new media, begin to create a mentality that approves this statement. Barriers begin to build up because of the outrageous amount that teens use on media, and can consist of many things. They enable the ability for students to be successful. It creates conflict with family because everyone is on their phone not focused on the reality of things. It also creates conflict in relationships and the steps you take to create one. This is not okay, and needs to stop so that people may focus on what is real and not what is on a screen. Then hopefully the world can have a chance to have new things and be a good place in general.

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