peter and the starcatchers

by: Jeremy Sharp

Peter Pan

I'm Peter Pan im the oldest so im the leader of all the five boys, i went on the ship the Neverland and im forced to be in a small room and eat worms and nasty thing,some time i sneak out at night to look for better food.

Character Traits

Sneaky- cause Peter sneaks there the ship @ night to look for food for all five of the boys

Leader- because peter is the oldest and leads the five boy and tells them what to do

Carious - because i looked around the ship at night and watched the captain

helpful- because i help look for new food for all the 5 kids

Physical Traits

Oldest - because Im one year older than any one

Dirty - because i on;y have one pair of cloths and were them every day with out washing them

skinny- he not that big because he doesn't eat that much (136)

small - peter is small and is only 11 so is not that big (1)

Peter Pans Picnic Party

Thursday, Oct. 21st 1300 at 6pm

Neverland Dr

Lewis Center, OH

Come to my Picnic Party! there will be lots of food . You can bring food also. (nothing with eye balls or living things in it).There will be no pirates allowed at the party.