Leap Into Literacy: Grade 1

February/March 2019

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Reader's Theater: A Quick Guide

Tips from the Desk of Tim Rasinski

Readers Get to Know Characters by Performing Their Books

This If...Then... unit gives readers the chance to become best friends with their favorite characters! Readers identify feelings using meaning and story structure.

You will want to consider students who have not moved on to D/E books and be sure the focus stays on word solving and using meaning, syntax, and print to figure out unknown words.

A Summary of Bends in the Road for the Unit

  • Bend 1: Readers Have Ways to Get to Know a Character - think of them as friends for life! Pay attention to their feelings as well as other story elements to get to know characters.

  • Bend 2: Partners Pretend They Are Characters and Perform Books in Clubs to Become Character Experts - role playing in partnerships and then in book clubs. Readers will dramatize stories to extend their thinking about the characters.

  • Bend 3: Giving the Gift of Reading - Readers prepare a read-aloud to celebrate.

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Readers' Theater

Readers’ Theater gives students the opportunity to have fun playing the part of a character while becoming more fluent and expressive readers. Check out this list of leveled scripts from Reading A-Z!

Visit A Reading or Writing Lab Site

Please remember that we continue to support your visitation to your colleagues' classrooms through our reading and writing lab sites. If you would like to visit a colleague, just reach out to your building's RDT. Think about an area of focus for your visit in order to make your time in your colleague's classroom meaningful and purposeful.

Happy Visiting!

96th Saturday Reunion at Teachers College

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project's 96th Saturday Reunion will be on March 16, 2019 from 9-3. During this free professional development opportunity, over 125 workshops will be led by Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth, Amanda Hartman, Laurie Pessah, and all TCRWP staff developers. Some of the topics include managing workshop instruction, developing state-of-the-art classroom libraries, raising the level of book clubs, teaching K-2 kids to write persuasive speeches and reviews, and writing about reading. Consider spending a Saturday at this very valuable - and fun - learning event!