Different, not dumb

How we grow and change within the internet

Say & Matter

The text "Internet making our brains different, not dumb" by Suzanne Choney, states how the internet is morphing our brains to articulate differently than in the past to be able to get the same answer in multiple ways. The internet is changing our everyday lives in more ways than one. For example, "we may lose our ability to write, in the literal sense that students are no longer taught penmanship. We will either type or print like 8-year-olds." The writing is still being created, just in a different form. The internet is giving us more opportunities to think the same answers in different perspectives for instance, "people's use of the internet has enhanced human's inteligence; as people are allowed unprecedented access to the information, they become smarter and make better choices."


  • Is our brain working harder and faster or working slower when connected to the internet?
  • How is the internet helping us make better choices?