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Bat a Home Run or Knock it out of the Park!

Strategies & Bat a Home Run Menu Checklist

Brain dumping & checklist for work

Sorry I have fixed sp on the batting!

Warm up Buzz Math Review Due Friday

Monday-Statistics Review in Buzz math

Tuesday- Expressions Buzz Math Review

Wednesday-Ratio Buzz Math Review

Thursday- Number sense/equations/or any other unfinished reviews in Buzz Math Review

Friday/Tuesday-I have who has game!

Note: These are on the calendar to finish each night as homework.

A screen shot is due by Friday in the review buzz math drop box

The grade will be 1/2 completion and 1/2 work. Please dropbox all work on turn in on loose leaf in a booklet!

Review Links

See the EOG Review folder for Math playground as well as The Review Documents you need

Home Plate

Teacher Station

You will review your Tenmarks assessment or your practice ? with mrs. Lewis as well as your progress in Discovery Ed

Some of you will be working on Tape Diagram challenge-

Some will be working on a review CSI

Others will be doing practice ?


Dugout(Outside in Hall)

1. Make sure you check your STat released answers first to see if what you need to do on this station:


You will be working on Statistics Review Task cards if you needed to review these or one of the Review Games

If you missed one or less, return your paper to Mrs. Lewis and

You can choose one of the Computer games or one of the Gameboards in the tutor room to play as a group!

First Base Station

You will complete the Assignment Mrs. Lewis has written for you on your first base paper! or sticky!

You will complete only the ? on the first base card and show your work on a white board!

You will then come get the appropriate QR code from Mrs. Lewis to scan and check your answers!

Note: If you do not have a Review test to do you may do the Surface ARea Smart board assignment

Second Base Station (EOG Review Folder)-2 things

Go to the EOG Review Folder

Choose 2 games to play that will help you practice a skill you need to practice

Complete practice sheets if you need to!

Third Base Station(Table in Front or you may sit on RUG) Study up time!

Work on Buzz Math Reviews if you didn't finish for warm up!

Then work on Study Island Expression Review with partners!

Once finished see Mrs. Lewis for review color code!

Pitcher's Mound (Tutor)

Practice 4 task cards

-Your partner does 4 task cards

You trade and using player coach you explain the task cards to each other

Record answers by taking photos of your work in google slides

Jeopardy Review

Main coureses(Activities as a class)

Please save all links and work on google slides

Share with teacher

Other Main Course Reviews

MAD Main Course Monday May 23rd

Watch this video about MAD

Then, find the MAD at your table of siblings in your households!

Use blocks to represent siblings!


Bonus assignment HW 5/23

Please do the ten practice ? on this braining camp for homework or extra credit review!

Bonus assignment

Game on Day May 24th

SWAT Wed 25th

You will show your work on white boards!

We will divide the class into two teams!

You will solve the problem card turned over at your table!

Then you will send the kid with the swatter to the board.

The first player to swat the correct answer out of the choices wins 2 points for that round.

The team with the correct work wins 1 point as well!

Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt Thursday, May 26

We will complete this in the hall in teams on Thursday afternoon 1-3!!!

Ixl 7th grade Warmup Tuesday May 31

5 min per table -complete 10 + ?

b6 hexagon table

L6 blue rug

x 28 green rug

g 14 first base

aa 15 second base

u 6 third base



Tuesday May 31

Dont' Be a Dum Dum

Be a Smartie!

Main course Collage r poster June 1-3

Show what you have learned this year ....

For poster- create a Smore with a photo and caption with a partner of concepts learned this year from A-Z

Place a photo with a small caption for a vocab word that you learned! You may make short videos or add photos of activities we did in class)

Note: You may also write riddles for each clue!

Use different figurative language and a photo to describe each concept-For example

A = absolute value

R= ratio


Choice 2

Practice Test Challenge

Practice test challenge

Please complete 10 ? Tuesday 5/31 -odds

If you are an even complete your 10 ?

On Wed 6/1 you can teach your study buddy how you solved your ?