Nathan Stefan

Freedmans Bureau Views

North- Many former northern abolistionist risked their lives to help southern freedmens, called carpetbaggers which southerners called them.

South- plenty to eat and nothing to do.

The three Civil Rights Amendments

-The 13th amendment was Ratified in December 1865, this amendment abolished slavery.

-14th amendment, this amendment provided a constitutional guarantee of the rights and security of freed people denying the rights to vote to black citizens.

-Finally the 15th amendment, this amendment guranteed federal vote for anyone doesnt matter what race they were. the 15th amendment didnt make it so women could vote.

Plans for Reconstruction

President Lincoln

President Lincoln had the 10% plan proclomation of amnesty on reconstruction. December 8, 1863 Replace majority rule with loyal rule. Didint consult congress regaurding reconstruction. Requiered 50% of number 1860 voters to take and Iron clad oath of alligence. Reauired a state constitutional convetion before elecction of state offially. He forgave all but the highest ranking military and civilian confederate officers.

President Johnson

President Johnson said that all people had to do was say a simple oath to get thier rights back to help their states rejoin the union. Johnson wanted to get rid of slavery, say succession never happened, and pay debts. Johnson also said that some congederats couldnt vote. The republicans thought it was unfair and this put aristocrats in charge. He granted 13500 requirements for southern states and many southern states fell short of the minimum requirements. This revial of southern defiance aka the black codes.

Congress/ Radical Republicans

Southern states would be punished for denying the right to vote to black citizens.

Radicals plan for readmission was cival authourities in the territorries where subject to military super vision. 50% of 1860 voters take an oath of allegiance.

Black Codes

Black codes

The Black codes guranteed stable labor supply now that blacks were emancipated. Restore emancipation system of race relations. Made lots of blackes to become sharecroppers. Sharecropperes are crop lien system, borrowing against crops merchants 60% intrest. Landowners rent land not good for tenant.

Racism and discrimination against African Americans

Klu Klux Klan, enforcement acts (kkk act)

Civil rights act of 1875 Prohibit discrimination, equal use shortcoming- lacked a strong enforcement mechanism attempted again in 1964.

End of Reconsturcton