Registered Nurse

By Sophia Zaita 803

A Registered Nurse Is...

- A nurse who has graduated from a college's nursing program or from a school of nursing and has passed a national licensing exam.

- What a registered nurse does is, assists physicians in providing treatment to patients suffering from various medical conditions. They may administer medication, monitor patient recovery and progress, and educate patients and their families on disease prevention and post-hospital treatment.


RN education degree requirements range from a diploma to a bachelor's degree. Diploma programs are offered at hospitals and typically last three years. Associate's degrees in nursing are offered at community colleges and take two to three years to complete.

salaries and benefits...

When contemplating a career in nursing, one of the factors that should be considered is that of a nurse's salary and benefits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for a registered nurse in 2013 was approximately $65,470.

natural abilities required...

- One natural ability a nurse has is multi-tasking. Nurses take the cake when it comes to multi-tasking. From juggling patient loads, overbearing doctorsnervous families, and navigating hospital bureaucracy, multi-tasking is a nurse’s superpower. A good nurse is a natural multi-tasker; a great nurse multi-tasks with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, making it look effortless.